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Store for both structured and unstructured data


We believe our technology is sympathetic to the natural dynamics of data, offering users freedom in information without the constraints of artificially imposed structures. The Openkast Native XML Engine is an essential element in our specialist systems for sharing information and managing legacy data.

The Openkast Engine is not an extension or overlay to another relational or SQL-based product. It was designed to deliver benefits by embracing the following features:


Openkast Engine is a small, stripped for purpose data management product for XML data. It has a SOAP interface with a concise set of instructions to perform SCRUD operations and manage DTDs.

Multiple engine instances can be run on a single host server. Data can be easily compartmenalised over several engine instances across multiple host servers. Each engine runs independently, with no awareness of any other running instances or the data held therein. Instances are identified by the server IP address and port on which they are configured to serve application requests.

Arrays of engines can be deployed across an enterprise, and performance controlled predictably even with very large sets of complex records.


Openkast offers a means of integrating security options within the data itself by segmenting data into different compartments running on separate machines and networks as well as tagging data inline avoiding the use of metadata tables and over arching indexes which can pose their own security issues.

Compartmenalised data held across multiple engine instances and servers can also be configured with other state of the art multi level secure platforms and XML firewalls to enhance the managed security environment.


The engines and user management are currently managed by engine level utilities and applications software.

A Management Layer is currently under development to allow engines to be configured and users approved as well as providing capability to hot switch back ups and systems.